Nitrogen Rejection


Nitrogen Rejection Units

Much of the raw natural gas extracted around the world contains at least some amount of inert nitrogen gas. Nitrogen will reduce the unit energy content of your gas, increase transport volumes, and even cause problems with pipeline specs at concentrations as low as 3-4%. Oftentimes gas streams rich in helium often also contain nitrogen which can be difficult to separate. Azota is a pioneer and industry leader for cryogenic nitrogen rejection units and helium recovery. With our line of nitrogen rejection units, with its first-of-its-kind dual tower design, Azota has been pushing the industry forward for decades.

Unmatched Experience

  • Company founders developed the first gas plant-style, non-cold box design NRU in the 1980s
  • Designed and built the first dual column NRU with integrated liquids recovery plant
  • Created the first dual column NRU with integrated helium recoveries


System Capabilities

  • Both standard and customized designs are available in sizes from <5 to 100+ MMSCFD per day
  • Our NRUs can handle inlet pressures as low as 550 psig all the way up to 1000 psig
  • System can handle a wide range of nitrogen feed concentrations: <5-90%
  • Product streams can be processed down to less than 1% N2
  • Nitrogen vent streams with less than 1% hydrocarbon are possible
  • Helium recoveries of 95% or more (when applicable)


The Azota Difference

Our systems are able to outperform the competition because we have utilized our vast experience to focus on overdesign of our system in several key areas:

  • More Insulation
  • More exchanger surface area
  • Additional tower trays

Azota also has the complete portfolio to provide the other processing systems to prepare feed for deep cryogenic processing:


Azota Promise





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