Amine Treating for Acid Gas Removal

Azota provides both standalone Acid Gas Removal Units (AGRU) and units part of a turnkey natural gas processing plant suite. These units ensure thorough removal of acidic components such as CO2, H2S, mercaptans and COS. We are the only designer of split flow, high efficiency amine systems capable of meeting <10 ppm CO2.


All of our amine treating units are custom designed to meet fuel efficiency requirements and any desired level of acid gas removal. Our deep dive into CO2 and H2S removal hales to our background in cryogenic nitrogen separation in which extremely low levels of these gases were required to avoid freezing the very cold portions of the process. We evolved technology for contactor tray design, the use of non-primary amines to reach below 50 ppm COand the use of “super stripped” amine solutions. This knowledge base, continuously developed over the decades, has placed us in a leadership position for all treating projects.

We call our amine system “Azotamine”. The Azotamine system is not only our own amine solution mix but an entire system designed to meet the various and ever more stringent treating requirements of the midstream industry.

Below you will find a simple calculator that you can use to do some simple sizing calculations on your own. Obviously this is a simplified estimation, however it should permit you to make some rough sizing calculations and let you compare the performance of a few standard amine solutions at different concentrations. Two primary amines are offered; DGA and MEA. These offer very strong acid gas bonding, (low CO2 outlet levels) but at the cost of higher reboiler duty. Two non-primary amines, DEA and MDEA are offered for reduced reboiler duty. Azota also offers its own proprietary amine solutions based primarily on MDEA and DEA. 

Purified, Oxygen Free Makeup Water Systems

In addition to our amine plants Azota offers unique water makeup systems which provide purified, oxygen free makeup water for any amine treating plants. These units operate on the principle of distillation and recover nearly 100% of the energy of water purification as heat input into the system.

Split Flow Amine Plants

Another area of specialization is our split flow amine technology. These plants provide amine as two streams, a partially regenerated amine stream for bulk removal and a fully regenerated amine stream for final polishing. These plants, while more complex and capital intensive, are able to significantly reduce the energy requirements of the plant.



Preliminary Amine Plant Sizing Calculator

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