Inlet Liquid Handling and Condensate Stabilization

Slug Catchers and Inlet Liquid Handling 

Slug catchers are devices designed to take up variable volumes of liquid that form in pipelines due to liquid holdup from velocity changes or pigging activities. While typically provided at the inlet of our gas processing plants, such liquid handling has become a significant area of technology specialization, often on a standalone basis. Azota designs and installs slug catchers and other liquid handling devices to exacting specifications to meet your liquid removal needs

Horizontal Vessel Slug Catchers

  • Vessel type slug catchers are typically implemented when expected slug volumes are relatively small or inlet pressures are low
  • Azota has standard designs for 250, 500, and 1000 barrel capacity vessels
  • All vessel-type slug catchers are designed to AMSE Section VIII Div 1
  • Optional drain boots can be added for bulk water removal
  • Micron level removal is possible with the addtion of internal vane packs or filter elements

Harp-Type Slug Catchers

  • Harp (or finger) type slug catchers are made of multiple straight runs of pipe (“fingers”) and are usually utilitzed for high pressure systems or large slug volumes
  • Can be designed to ASME B31.3 or B31.8 Piping codes
  • Azota has welded up to 54” OD, 1.25” thick fingers

Inlet Liquids Handling

Azota has the capabilites to design and install many other type of inlet liquids handling equipment, including

  • Wellhead Separators
  • Test Separators
  • Heater Treaters
  • Filter Separators
  • Filter Coalescers
  • Three Phase Separators
  • And More…

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